Deutscher Titel: Star Blazers 2199: Space Battleship Yamato - A Voyage to Remember Jahr: 2014 Status: Abgeschlossen Folgen: 1 / 1 Länge: 112 Min.

The United Nations then scrapped the Izumo Plan in order to build a new Cosmo Navy ship to retrieve the Cosmo Reverse System. During the long voyage, Susumu Kodai, Yuki Mori, and other members of the Yamato crew suffer, grow together, and find love. Ha gondolod, add meg e-mail címed, ahol fel tudjuk venni veled a kapcsolatot.

The Analyzer robot repeatedly sexually harassed Yuki in the original series, but it is much better behaved in the remake. Queen Starsha of Iscandar delivers a message of hope to humanity, offering them a device that will restore Earth's ruined biosphere and plans for a wave motion engine. The series is animated by AIC (episodes 1 to 10) and later by Xebec (episodes 11 to 26). [12], On November 3, 2017, FUNimation announced that they had acquired streaming rights to the series and would stream the English dub on November 8. Star Blazers 2199 - Space Battleship Yamato Staffel 1 stream Deutsch Die 1.

To this end, he ordered his top military commanders and most sophisticated spacecraft into the fight, putting the determination of the Yamato crew to even more rigorous tests as they coped with questions about their mission and strange incidents aboard their own ship. Vehicles from the series are available in 1/72 scale. Sukeharu Yabu was portrayed differently in, This page was last edited on 13 September 2020, at 02:58. In an April 2013 interview with Japanese online hobby shop Ami Ami, Bandai model developer Hirofumi Kishiyama said the emergence of the space battleship itself in 2199 was a plot device that needed to be resolved. Star Blazers 2199, known in Japan as Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (宇宙戦艦ヤマト2199, Uchū Senkan Yamato Ni-ichi-kyū-kyū), is a 2012–2013 Japanese military science fiction anime television series that is a remake of the first Space Battleship Yamato television series created by Yoshinobu Nishizaki and Leiji Matsumoto in 1974, known in the United States as Star Blazers. Characters who appeared in the original series' second and third seasons are included in 2199 as well. The seventh and final film, Dai-nanashō: Soshite Kan wa Iku (Chapter 7: "And Now the Warship Comes") featuring episodes 23-26 was released in Japanese theaters on August 24, 2013. Elements of the resistance ally themselves with Yamato as it nears its destination in the Large Magellanic Cloud, and Yamato's crew eventually confront Dessler's forces on the capital world of Garmillas itself, leading to the leader's exile and the beginning of a new era for the empire. The plans are used to build a new and heavily armed vessel capable of crossing intergalactic space for the device in the short time that remains--the space battleship Yamato. The series began its television run on Family Gekijoexactly one year after the first episo… [18], The third film, Dai-sanshō: Hateshinaki Kōkai (Chapter 3: "The Endless Voyage"), featuring Episodes 7-10, opened in twelve Japanese theaters from October 13 through October 26, 2012 (expanding from ten theaters for the previous films). The series is a space opera, and was originally screened back-to-back in theaters across Japan, a few episodes at a time prior to release on h… Das kann die Gamilonier jedoch nicht davon abhalten, die Erde mit riesigen Asteroiden zu bombardieren. Following each of these releases, the episodes were distributed on DVD and BluRay. The first episode of the show has been dubbed into English by Bang Zoom! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Cyber Team in Akihabara: Summer Vacation of 2011, Pokémon the Movie: Black—Victini and Reshiram and White—Victini and Zekrom, Space Battleship Yamato 2199: A Voyage to Remember, Eiga Drive Head: Tomica Hyper Rescue Kidō Kyūkyū Keisatsu, Tomica Hyper Rescue Drive Head Kidō Kyūkyū Keisatsu, Special Curriculum: The Candidate for Goddess, Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier Exceed, Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight, Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: Lovers Again, Scramble Wars: Tsuppashire! As the mission becomes increasingly difficult, two senior officers attract followers to their own plan to settle a new planet and re-start human civilization instead of finding Iscandar, and launch a failed mutiny. In, In the early episodes of the original 1974 series, Garmilas characters had Caucasian skintones. Dai Magellan (Chapter 6: "Arrival! In. Szia megvan esetleg a többi rész?

Yuki is no longer needed in the medical bay, as Dr. Sado has three nurse-medics (and even a full operating theater among other medical facilities) at his disposal, with Warrant Officer Yuria Misaki (one of Yuki's relief persons at the bridge) acting as a fourth medic in emergencies with large numbers of injuries. It opened in ten theaters in Japan on June 30, 2012. [16][17] Six more anime films, containing four episodes each, for a total of twenty-six, were released every few months in select theaters across Japan through 2013. The series commenced weekly broadcast on April 7, 2013. Abelt Desler's motivations are much more totalitarian: in the original series, Earth was bombarded and its atmosphere changed due to his plans to move his people there from his dying homeworld. Poll: Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 Episode 10 Discussion rodac - Dec 19, 2012: 28 replies: by El-Melloi »» Oct 14, 1:45 PM: Poll: Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 Episode 9 Discussion 27CansOfTuna - Dec 2, 2012: 34 replies: by El-Melloi »» Oct 9, 12:29 PM: More featured articles. Large Magellanic Cloud") featuring episodes 19-22 was released in sixteen Japanese theaters on June 15, 2013. Kérjük, add meg e-mail címed, ahol fel tudjuk venni veled a kapcsolatot. zu GerSub. The series is markedly different from the original in many ways. Two movies based on the series were released in 2014. Unlike the previous episodes (other than the first one), they first aired on TV before the Blu-ray and DVD volumes were released on October 25, 2013. The sixth film, Dai-rokushō: Tōtatsu! The sub can hide in another dimension and fire torpedoes into regular space.

The line started with the α-1 and α-2 Cosmo Zeroes in 2012. The planet bombs altered the atmosphere and irradiated the planetary surface, causing the complete destruction of the planet's biosphere. In the year 2199, Earth has been reduced to a radioactive desert through years of bombardment by an alien power, the Great Garmillas Empire, its space forces have been hopelessly outclassed, and the few remaining survivors have taken shelter in underground cities. It took one of the classic 70s anime, Space Battleship Yamato (called Starblazers in the West), and brought it to a new generation by adding new characters, a deeper story, and stunning visuals"; however, he also gave the film A Voyage to Remember an unequivocally negative judgment. There are many more women compared to the original series since now one third of the crew is female, including a pilot (Akira Yamamoto) and an intelligence officer (Kaoru Niimi). There is no indication of that in. In the original series, Susumu Kodai assumed command of the. Jahr: 2012 Status: Abgeschlossen Folgen: 26 / 26 Länge: 24 Min. Some of the 1/1000 kits also have their own space fighter models, with the Polmeria including a free DWG229 Melanka flying-wing bomber, two FG14 Zedora fighters with the Balgray, a DWG262 Czvarke fighter with Garmillas Warship set III and the FG156 Sumaruhi recon plane with Garmillas Warship Set IV. mert törölték őket...... Megtalálta a módját, hogyan másszon fel a komódra, Csak egy szúrás, és megúszhatod a világjárványt, Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 - 10.rész [Magyar Felirat]. [23], Official poster for the series showing some of the main characters and the titular spaceship, Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2202, List of Space Battleship Yamato 2199 episodes, Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Odyssey of the Celestial Ark, "Yamato 2199 #1 Previewed on TV on April 6", "If You Like Space Operas, You'll Love Yamato 2199", "Funimation to Offer English Dub of Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199", "Star Blazers 2199 (TV) - Anime News Network:SEA", "Yamato 2199 Composer Is Original Yamato Composer's Son", "5th Yamato 2199 Film, TV Premiere Slated for April", "[あみブロ] 【第2回】バンダイホビー事業部 『宇宙戦艦ヤマト2199』プラモデル開発者インタビュー公開!総員、新たなる『ヤマト』の旅立ちに備えよ!", "Bang Zoom Dubs 1st Star Blazers/Yamato 2199's Episode - News", "New Yamato 2199 Film's Title, Date, Studio Announced", "New Yamato Anime to Be 26 Episodes, Split Into 7 Films", "New Yamato 2199 Anime Is Also a TV Series", "50 Top-Selling Animation Blu-ray Discs in Japan: 2012", "50 Top-Selling Animation DVDs in Japan: 2012", "2nd Yamato 2199 Film's Promo Video Streamed", "3rd Yamato 2199 Film Slated for October 13", "Yamato 2199 Films' Trailer, Teaser, Story Outline Unveiled", "Yamato Crew official film page (in Japanese)", "SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO 2199: A VOYAGE TO REMEMBER Opening Day Report « SciFi Japan". Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (宇宙戦艦ヤマト2199 Uchū Senkan Yamato 2199) is a 2012-2013 episodic anime series.

Commanded by Admiral Juzo Okita, Yamato makes its way through the solar system, surprising and thoroughly defeating the Garmillan forces that have been besieging Earth. This establishes the character and submarine in the series well before being seen in the third season 'Bolar Wars' of the original series, After surviving the Battle of Pluto and being taken prisoner, the Garmilan ship carrying Mamoru Kodai as a bio-sample crash-landed on Iscandar and was rescued by Starsha. It was also released on May 25, 2012 as Blu-ray and DVD format volumes in Japan. Many of its leaders are shown sympathetically to be family men who are more worried about their children than war. [9], The Yamato wreck in the 1974 series where the Space Battleship Yamato was built under was based on the general assumption in the 1970s that the warship sank intact. The Blu-ray and DVD volumes were released on November 22, 2012.[19]. Die Vorräte sind knapp, Radioaktivität dringt überall ein und die … Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 2012 VietSub HD - Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199. The Blu-ray Disc and DVD volumes were released on July 27, 2012. First attempt at peaceful contact with the Gamilas failed, resulting in interstellar war. The Iscandarans revealed that they could reverse the damage done to the Earth with the Cosmo Reverse System.

Informationen; Episoden; Relationen; Kommentare; Deutscher Titel: Star Blazers 2199: Space Battleship Yamato. An original movie set after Yamato departs from Iscandar, Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Odyssey of the Celestial Ark, premiered on December 6, 2014.[13][14][15]. The fourth film, Dai-yonshō: Ginga Henkyō no Kōbō (Chapter 4: "Defense of the Galactic March"), featured Episodes 11-14, and opened in twelve Japanese theaters from January 12 through January 26, 2013. In January 2014, Bandai also released a Yamato 2199 version of the Battleship Yamato (number GX-64) in their Soul of Chogokin line of adult collector's toys, which is a total redesign from their previous release (number GX-57.). In the, The Garmilas Empire is shown using a number of robotic soldiers, possibly another nod to the, In the original, the Cosmo Reverser was assembled during its return voyage.