(thanks bruno5011 )* ru-RU Translation file updated. These are placeholders for the moment. * Global Settings (Advanced) - added an option to enable/disable world save backups being performed when the server shuts down. * Server Settings (Engrams section) - will not write OverrideNamedEngramEntries entries to the game.ini file unless one or more default values have changed.CHANGE* Server Settings (Dino section) - changed the way the sort works for the dino grid. *Gamedata storage changesCHANGE* Completely re-wrote the RCON player profile load.It will only call the update one at a time - should remove the ListPlayers spam.It should not freeze ASM when the profiles are now loading. (thanks varlonec )1.0.355 (1.0.355.2)BUGFIX* Stack Size Section - fixed save button on item rows to only save that item, not all items.NEW* Server Settings (Rules) - added new Genesis group with bDisableGenesisMissions and AllowTekSuitPowersInGenesis settings.CHANGE* Server Settings (Structures) - put GenesisUseStructuresPreventionVolumes setting into Genesis group for clarity. * Global Settings - added new alert message for Outdated mods to the discord plugin. * fr-FR Translation file updated. * Added a onfirmation dialog when using the Write Timestamp button in the Mod Details window. * Translations - Fixed the map name, total conversion name and branch names when changing languages. はじめに この記事はARKを遊ぶPCとは別でサーバ専用機を用意し、なおかつサーバOSにLinuxを採用する人に向けて書きます。 ※ARK Server Managerを使っている人向けにも追記しました。 Epicで無料になっていたので、ARK Survival Evolvedをやろうと思い、Epicクライアントでも入れる非公式マルチサーバ … UseCorpseLifeSpanMultiplier and GlobalPoweredBatteryDurabilityDecreasePerSecond added to the bottom on the Rules section.1.0.314 (1.0.314.2)NEW* Added a new global option to enable/disable downloading the player avatar images in the RCON window.1.0.313 (1.0.313.2)CHANGE* bLimitTurretsInRange settings is now ALWAYS written to the Game.ini file.NEWArk 274 Changes* Added the new turret options (LimitTurretsRange and LimitTurretsNum) to structures section.1.0.312 (1.0.312.5)CHANGE* Added globalisation to the task status section. (thanks AngeMyMy )* ru-RU Translation file updated. * Engram Grid - added new filter textbox, so you can filter the grid with text matching. Added Ragnarok Dragon and Manticore Bosses4. Previously, checkbox was a separate control. A new alert type has been added ServerStatusUpdate. This is the support forum for the Ark Server Manager. This is not recommended, plwase chooseanother folder. * Added Server, Query and RCON port validation to the profile validation. It provides a simple user interface allowing you to create and edit server profiles containing all of the settings you need to customize the playing experience for you and your friends. (thanks varlonec )* FR Translation file updated. * Added new Server Status alert messages through the Discord plugin. * The ArkApplication filter comboboxes have been changed, so that the display values can be globalized.1.0.322 (1.0.322.7)NEW* Mod Details Window - A new 'Timestamp' column has been added to shows the timestamp of the last time the mod was updated. If hidden, the images are also not downloaded. * pt-BR Translation file added. The delay is in seconds (default 0) and will wait that number of seconds between each server update.CHANGE* fr-FR Translation file updated. (thanks shouke )1.1.385 (1.1.385.10)NEW* Added a new Enable Dino Level Progressions checkbox. Welcome Guest. * Mod Details window - when moving the mods up and down, it no longer updates the mod details. * Server Installation Folder - changed the underlying control so that it displays underscore characters. * Added the Difficulty Offset slider.1.0.308 (1.0.308.4)CHANGE* Tekgrams - added all the Tekgrams to the engrams grid, they are coloured Blue and you can only Hide/Unhide them. * Change the Interval field for Auto-Backup and Auto-Update to allow for > 23:59 values. * Main Window - rearranged the header section and the buttons. (thanks varlonec )NOTE: A new discord plugin version is available with the Icon updates.1.0.326 (1.0.326.5)BUGFIX* Engrams - fixed bug that would clear the selected engrams. * User Settings - added reading user config settings from json file when loading.NOTE: There is a new version of the discord plugin, the old version does not work with this new ASm version. Ive looked and havent been able to find the answer to this. Button is top right corner next to plugins button. * Task Status - Added Next Run Time as a tooltip. This will allow you to add custom sections to the game.ini file using the server manager.CHANGE* Added ToolTip to profile label and profile tab that shows the profile name and profile id. Latest Server Manager is 1.1.392InstallersLatest version:Windows Installer: Latest.exe - Download and install.Windows Binaries: Latest.zip - Download, unzip and run Ark Server Manager.exe.Previous versions:You can download older versions (back to 1.0.300) from the github website.Gamedata FilesThese files add additional information for different mods. I already created a server before I found this tool. * de-DE Translation file updated. RCON windows holds references to them and prevents the restore. ASM is fully automated...mod updates, server restarts, and server starts. it disconnect , i can', hi will Genesis and Crystal Isles dinos be getting added to the dino list i didnt see them in the list. Set your server name to something other than the default, please :). Ensure your ports are all correctly configured. This should only be used if you MUST update a mod by manually copying the files. Global Moderator, Administrator, Plugins available for the Ark Server Manager, Moderators: * RU Translation file updated. (thanks varlonec )* zh-CN Translation file updated. This means Windows OS versions from Vista and earlier will no longer work.This means Windows Server OS versions from 2008 and earlier will no longer work.NOTE: There is a new version of the Discord plugin - (1.0.331.1)BUGFIXDuplicated comma bug - fixed the duplicate comma bug.1.0.330 (1.0.330.2)BUGFIXDuplicated comma bug - fixed the duplicate comma bug.NEWProcess Priority and Processor Affinity - added new priority and affinity entry fields.1.0.329 (1.0.329.4)BUGFIX* Server Status spamming - attempt to fix the server status spam being sent to the discord plugin.CHANGE* Server Stop process - changed the way the server stop process is done.