Germanic languages tend to collapse a descriptive phrase into a single word–which can be quite unwieldy. venqax: your reply has caused an eruption of delight; a whiffle bat is not so much a nonsensical description of a bat-like creature, but closer to a baseball bat, however, one that is used with whiffle balls, i.e. (NB: The words "enquiry" and "inquiry" also have associated verbs ("to enquire" and "to inquire"). I know wiffle ball well. 私の感覚だと、文頭にAndとかAlsoをおいて「And (Also), when is it used?」みたいな感じになるのですが、これはなにかおかしい気がします。, No.2です。ごめんなさい、「文頭の」というご質問だったんですね。 The other answer is correct too, in that inquire is regularly used in both situations in america, whereas Britain prefers enquire. Now *gorjus* mite make sense. ‘It is sunny’ (existence) shortens to ‘it’s sunny’ because it (the day) is described by its property, that of being sunny, golden, overcast, snowing etc. Chinese has tended to grow in the same way by accretion–with characters from a phrase being integrated over time into individual characters with the same meaning. People are only using inquiry in or out of context depending on what the context IS. Great! 「何度も繰り返し求める」=「必要としている」というイメージです。, 類義語に need がありますが、require は need より少し堅い表現です。, inquireとenquireは同じ意味の単語で、どちらも「尋ねる」「問う」という意味を持っています。askよりも堅い表現です。inもenも「中に」「内側に」という意味の語根enに由来しており、in/en(内側へ)+quire(探し求める)=「中まで踏み込んで求める」というイメージから、「尋ねる」という意味が連想できます。, quarere(探し求める)は、quest(探求、冒険)question(質問)、query(質問)、の語源にもなっています。, quest(探求、冒険)=quireの変化した形 Since the kinds of thoughts you can have are limited by the words you have to describe things, a dictated language implies a static culture and a reflected language permits much more and more rapid change.

They also won’t allow me to use the word ‘derogate’ in the way I want to either, but that meaning went out in 1647. しかし、ソフトを導入すると言う意味では使われない、ということです.

I deal with it when talking about Congress’s issues all the time.

for dealers/resellers only. コピーすればいいだけです。 というような質問をしたい時、2つめの文頭の「また」(もしくは「あと」「それと」など)は英語でどのように表現するのでしょうか? インストールする、という意味で使うのであれば、install SAP softwareでいいと思いますよ. jbee650: But the words’ history really isn’t relevant here. これでいかがでしょうか。 分かりにくい点がありましたら、補足質問してください。, アメリカに37年半住んでいる者です。 私なりに書かせてくださいね。 Also dysfunctional and disfunctional? Undistinguishable is definitely a word and means not being able to identify as in: The body was so badly burned that it was undistinguishable as human.

However, I would like to assure you that there are still some of us out here who hate to see the apostrophe used to denote the plural, even though I suspect that we are fast fading into history.