All Rights Reserved. - 研究社 新和英中辞典, The explanation provided in 1. This applies worldwide. Copyright(C) 2020 金融庁 All Rights Reserved. - Weblio Email例文集, Why didn't you come to pick me up? - Eゲイト英和辞典, Why did they wait upon him so servilely? - 斎藤和英大辞典, What will come of such extravagance? なぜなら、考えるのも感じるのも能動主体としての人間なのであるから。 例文帳に追加. - Weblio Email例文集, It is strange why you aren't married. 「なぜ——『い』とか『ね』とかきらいなのかって」 例文帳に追加 `and why it is you hate--C and D,' - Lewis Carroll『不思議の国のアリス』 あなたは なぜ 、そんなに呑気にしているのですか? - Weblio Email例文集, Why will they swim even though it's winter? Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) 2.0 France. Copyright (C) 1994- Nichigai Associates, Inc., All rights reserved. - Weblio Email例文集, to carefully consider one's own actions - EDR日英対訳辞書, Thought should precede action. - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス, I tried to find out what zoo animals feel and what they want. - Weblio Email例文集, Why did you find this novel so fascinating? - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス, Why should you do that? - Weblio Email例文集, Do you know why he went to Hungary? - 研究社 新英和中辞典, I believe we should consider introducing that from May. 「なぜそのようなことを聞いたかというと」って訳すとどうなりますか? なんこか翻訳サイトを回ってみたのですが疑問文になってしまいます。 英語の質問箱 Tanaka Corpusのコンテンツは、特に明示されている場合を除いて、次のライセンスに従います:. 「どうしてこうなったんだろう?」や「なんでそう思ったの?」など、日常会話の様々なシーンで「どうして?」と思う事ってたくさんありますよね。わからないままにしておくより、相手に聞いてスッキリ解決!出来ると気持ちがいいものです。 Copyright © Benesse Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved. - Weblio Email例文集, Why do you conduct that training and make those preparations? - 研究社 新英和中辞典, I'm not quite certain what brought him here. - Weblio Email例文集, 【Addendum】 What is fairness ~with a freedom and equality point of view ~ - 厚生労働省, a doctrine holding that moral statements prescribe appropriate attitudes and behavior - 日本語WordNet, since it is the agent man that does the thinking and feeling. 「カテゴリ」「情報源」を複数指定しての検索が可能になりました。(プレミアム会員限定), Why did you not go to the office? Copyright © National Institute of Information and Communications Technology. - Tanaka Corpus, We think about how to win against our partner. 「なぜ」で考える受験英語 やあ、みんな。突然だが、英語は好きかい?中学校、高校と授業で英語を習ってきて、「英語って楽しいな!」って思ったことがあったかい?もしそう思ったことがあるのなら、このブログは意味がないかもしれない。 - Weblio Email例文集, for after winter cometh summer, after night returneth day, - Thomas a Kempis『キリストにならいて』, He wondered why she did that. Copyright © Benesse Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved. - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス, I will think about this and that at the same time. - Weblio Email例文集, What will be the result of such extravagance? Copyright (c) 1995-2020 Kenkyusha Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. なぜビジネスマンほど英語を学ぶべきなのか? 英語を学ぶビジネスマンが抱える課題. - Weblio Email例文集, The reason for that is because that manga is not selling in Japan. - Weblio Email例文集, I don't know why he thinks that about me. - Weblio Email例文集, Why won't you say that clearly? Copyright © 2001 - 2008 by the PEAR Documentation Group. - Eゲイト英和辞典, His disappearance is a mystery., Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. since it is the agent man that does the thinking and feeling. - Thorstein Veblen『ワークマンシップの本能と労働の煩わしさ』, strategic corporate activities that deal with how to sell products - EDR日英対訳辞書, I need time to mull things over before I decide what to do. Copyright © Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, All Right reserved. - Tanaka Corpus, Why didn't I quit the company? - Weblio Email例文集, Why do you think that way? - Weblio Email例文集, a personal characteristic of being too self-conscious - EDR日英対訳辞書, and oh, how I rejoiced to think it! 日本語で「考える」という言葉は様々な意味合いで用いられますが、英語ではニュアンスによって使用される単語が異なります。「think」だけじゃない「考える」「思う」を表す単語を使いこなし、より自然な英語表現を身に付けましょう! - Tanaka Corpus, I wonder why he is so angry. This work has been released into the public domain by the copyright holder. All rights reserved. - Weblio Email例文集, Why is it that you can speak English well like that? - Weblio Email例文集, I think the same thing about this in regards to that. - 経済産業省, From these viewpoints, how should we consider the execution of the following initiative? - Tanaka Corpus, Why do the parents give their children unpopular names? - Thorstein Veblen『ワークマンシップの本能と労働の煩わ … - Tanaka Corpus, I cannot afford (the money for) such an expensive car. - Weblio Email例文集, The question why those sections were not touched remains. - Weblio英語基本例文集, consider, ponder, or plan (an action) beforehand - 日本語WordNet, the trait of thinking carefully before acting - 日本語WordNet, planning or plotting in advance of acting - 日本語WordNet, a doctrine holding that moral statements have a truth value - 日本語WordNet, He is an impulsive doer who puts action before thinking. - Weblio Email例文集, Why did you arbitrarily make that quote? - Tanaka Corpus, What put such strange things into your head? - 浜島書店 Catch a Wave, これらを考えると、つまりは真田氏らと同様の、両軍生き残り策を狙ったとも考える人もいる。例文帳に追加, Some believe that, according to these acts, Tamenobu aimed for survival by participating in both armies, like the Sanada clan.