the North American wiki, it can be found at. In order to acquire a Mag, a character must reach level 5 and complete the マグライセンス授与申請試練 (Mag License Application) given by Koffie. There are many different actions available, covering striking, ranged, and tech attacks. Greetings! Each type of Mag starts off with a different action. In order to grow your Mag, you'll need to feed it various items. 法撃支援 ║ Tech Support (T-ATK) As you feed it, its stats will grow depending on the type and rarity of the item. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Mags are artificial life forms that assist you during quests by occasionally attacking enemies, providing support effects, and most importantly raising your stats. ページの先頭へ 『ファンタシースターオンライン2』(『pso2』)とは? 進化し続ける『pso2』の魅力 射撃防御支援 ║ Range Defense Support (R-DEF) Oh my… i was looking for an Apu skin since so long and was told it was not possible, thank you so much <3. Before you can change your Mag's appearance, your Mag must reach level 100 first. Food Devices can be obtain at the Photon Drop Shop on the 2nd Floor of the Shop Area. They can heal the player, provide invincibility, produce healing items, and even revive you. Thx. Mags are artificial life forms that assist you during quests by occasionally attacking enemies, providing support effects, and most importantly raising your stats. 打撃防御支援 ║ Striking Defense Support (S-DEF) Cause i saw someone on a mission with that but i couldnt find it in any exchange or even at visiphone. But more on those later. It's funny too cause The hat accessory name stayed as "Sato Hat" but the mag evolve device was changed to "Chat". The fourth slot is unlocked at level 30, and the fifth at level 100. Your Mag's stats will add to your own stats, and can be crucial for equipping higher rarity equipments. There are four SP Auto Actions, including: SP Striking / Clobber: Performs a series of slashes that surround the player. Mags begin with three slots for Trigger Actions, and can obtain up to eight through leveling and unlocking them with a special device. Your email address will not be published. At certain levels, your Mag will evolve, taking on a new appearance. The energy level will gradually decrease over time, even while you're offline. 今なら特典アイテム「進化デバイス/青ぷよ」がもらえる! ページナビゲーション. Please update the chart accordingly. If you accidentally level the wrong skill, don't fret too much. 技量支援 ║ Ability Support (DEX) The second evolution occurs at level 100, with three to four variations for each of the first evolution's. 有志によって作成されたPSO2の攻略まとめサイトです。ある程度自由奔放なWikiを目指しており、自由な編集を推奨しています。常識の範囲内で自由にご利用ください。 Hahaha. Auto Actions can be changed with special devices you can trade for at the Excube Exchange Shop. She is located at the Quest Counter in the Gate Area lobby. トリガーアクションを追加、変更する支援、生産デバイス。オートアクションを変更する攻撃デバイス。フォトンブラストを変更するpbデバイス。外見を変更する進化デバイスなどがある。 マグのメニューから「デバイスを使う」で使用することができる。 These can also be swapped with devices available at the Excube Exchange Shop. Your email address will not be published. Ummmm…. The first evolution takes place at level 30, with four possible variations. 射撃支援 ║ Range Support (R-ATK) SP Dexterity / Iron Wall: Summons a shield that reduces damage from enemies. Up to three items can be fed at 0% to fill the bar. But would recommend feeding your mag Food Devices. I can't find the evolution device/draco in any page ._. These Mag Evolution Devices can be obtain by completing events that are being held, or bought with real money. The Mag's overall level will raise with each stat level gain, up to a maximum of 200. In Japanese it is displayed as "進化D/ジャックフロスト". SP Tech / Focus: Reduces the player's Technic charging times. Its a prize for Golden Pass ( Golden Pass August , lv 24 ) and not tradable. 打撃支援 ║ Striking Support (S-ATK) PSO2、ファンタシースターオンライン2の攻略情報wiki 【ミラー】 PSO2 攻略 Wiki [ ... マグ一覧 のバックアップソース(No.6) マルチとかフリパで誰かがプリュミー(マグ)を付けてると 一瞬自分の後方にゲルブルブが迫ってきてるんじゃないかと朝目してビクッとなる 色といい形といいまんまだろ、怖いわ! Support Level Trigger Actions are supportive abilities that a Mag performs under certain circumstances. You won't be able to feed the Mag again until its energy drops below a certain percentage. Another MAG with a different name in NA: Marriage Bell (from the Marriage AC scratch) is also known as Myarrige on this list. Players will often sell these Mag Evolution Devices on the Player Shop, which is like an auction. 進化デバイス/プリュミー. A lot of these Mag evolution's are not currently yet available in the US release of the game at this time. Mags need energy to perform actions during quests, indicated by a percentage bar on its stats screen. PSO2 VISA Card: Terukuu: 進化デバイス/テルクゥ ... 進化デバイス/プリュミー Evolution Device / Plumii: Easter Bingo Reward: Rainyan: 進化デバイス/レイニャン Evolution Device / Rainyan: Rainy Bingo Reward: Frog Rappy: 進化D/フログラッピー I think the "Losher" is "Luthy" in NA Version. you do realize that the Beley mags are the top part of a Qubeley from Zeta Gundam don't you? イースタービンゴのマグだから期待してたのにカワイクナイヽ(`Д´)ノ イーツター・ジーツターの足元にも及ばん!!でも使うけど(´∀`) This page was last edited on 4 June 2020, at 15:09. Slots six through eight require the Mag Support Extend Device, available only through the AC Scratch. Required fields are marked *. its on this page lol hit Ctrl+F it will open a word search type in 'Draco' and bingo , neither can i what is the Draco? When choosing an item to feed your Mag, you can see how it will affect its stats by hovering over the item. Anyone know where to get the "Losher" Evo Device on the NA? These special moves will only activate when a boss enemy is nearby.